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Nail Extension Price In Mohali

Nail Extension Price In Mohali –  In this modern era, taking care of hair and nails is trending and popular in Chandigarh and Mohali. Everybody wants impressive and beautiful nails and they get nail extensions and nail art. So we can say that the trend of getting long and beautiful nails through nail extensions is catching up fast simply because it’s so simple and easy and can add so much glam to the nails. But lots of individuals are worried about the price of nail extensions therefore we are here with the Nail Extension Price in Mohali.

Nail Extension Price In Mohali

Do you often hide your short and brittle nails in public places because you don’t feel confident with their appearance? If yes, then the trend of getting long and beautiful nails through nail extensions is beneficial for you. This will make your nails eye catchy and beautiful because it is so easy and ass so much glam to the nails. Moreover, in this process, your nails can be shaped and pained in different colors and styles.

Your nail extensions have become increasingly popular because they allow people to have long, stylish nails without waiting for their natural nails to grow. Using vibrant colors, shapes, and nail paint it becomes another way of fashion that may express its own identity. For getting stylish and expressive nails you can contact Naomi’s HEADMASTERS by phone at 01724664649, Or also send an email at, to schedule an appointment.

Let us Know About Mohali

Mohali is a beautiful place that is located near Chandigarh and it is a part of the state of Punjab whereas Chandigarh is the shared capital of Haryana and Punjab. Mohali is a well-developed and urbanised place therefore it is the 2nd most populated state in Punjab after Ludhiana. The current population of Mohali is approximately 2,00,000, 2,00,000 makes it clear that a variety of individuals search for the greatest Salon in Tricity that offers various services under one roof.  

Nail extensions have become a popular trend in the world of beauty and fashion that allows you to flaunt beautiful and long-lasting nail art designs. So, if you are planning to add some glamour to your nails with stunning nail extensions then Naomi’s Headmasters is the best option for you. 

Understanding the Nail Extensions Price

This nail extension process involves adding artificial tips or overlays to your natural nails to extend their length and enhance their appearance. You know various types of nail extensions are available in the market including acrylic, gel, and poly gel, each offering unique benefits and results. Therefore their prices are different and these extensions can vary based on various factors such as location, salon reputation, and the type of extension you choose.

Nail Extension Price List in Mohali

In this section of our blog, we mention the general price range for nail extensions in Mohali:

Type of Nail Extension Price
Acrylic Nail Extension Under 500
Gel Nail Extension Under 400 to 800
Polygel Nail Extension Under 1000
Permanent Nail Extension More than 2000

Nail Extension At Naomi’s Headmasters

Nail Extensions are artificial nails that are placed over natural nails to create length and enhance their appearance and they are made of various materials such as acrylic and gel. Applying nail extensions involves buffing, pricing, and sculpting the extensions to fit the natural nail. Moreover, it offers versatility in design and can be customized with various colors, patterns, and embellishments.

Naomi’s Headmasters is a popular salon located in Mohali. We are famous for our various amazing services and offers. Our nail extension jobs are popular due to our salon’s commitment to quality and exceptional service. We provide customized nail extensions and our clients obtain premium nail extensions that are both attractive and long-lasting. We hire a team of highly qualified and experienced experts who use the best supplies and tools.

Types of Nail Extension Services We Offer | Naomi’s Headmasters

Acrylic Nail Extensions

It is a popular nail extension and it is also offered by Naomis’ Headmasters. Acrylic Nail Extension is famous for its versatility, allowing for various customization options. Our skilled technicians apply a mixture of powder and a monomer to the natural nail bed, which can be easily molded into any desired shape and design.

Gel Nail Extension

Our professionals use high-quality materials to ensure the durability and longevity of Gel Nail Extension. This nail extension is popular due to its better results, beauty, and durability. In this process, we apply a hard gel onto the natural nails, which are then shaped and cured by UV light. At Naomi’s Headmasters, we only use high-quality products and materials to ensure they get extensions last weeks without chipping or peeling.

Nail Extension Removal

Our nail extension removal services are also available for those who are looking to take a break from nail extensions or who want to switch to their natural nail look. This procedure involves delicately removing the extensions from the native nail bed using specific tools and materials.

We hire a team of professionals and specialists who take special care to execute the removal procedure securely and efficiently, maintaining the quality of your natural nails intact.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1 – What is the average price for a nail extension?

Answer – Approximately the charge of services offered by Beauty Parlours for Nail Art

Services                       Approximate charges

Gel Polish                     Rs.  onwards

Nail Extension               Rs. 2,5000 onwards

Nail Art                          Rs. 100 onwards.  

Question 2 – Are nail extensions safe?

Answer – While nail extension when applied and maintained correctly can be relatively safe. The space between the natural nails and extensions can trap moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Question 3 – Is nail extension painful?

Answer – Sometimes your extensions may hurt due to heavy filling and the product contracting and squeezing your natural nails as it dries and this pain should go away in 2-3 days.