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Nail Extension Price In India

Nail Extension Price In India – Do you want to use gorgeous nail extensions to glam up your nails? In the realms of fashion and beauty, nail extensions have gained popularity and enabled you to show off gorgeous, long-lasting nail art creations. It can be difficult to locate a trustworthy salon that provides high-quality nail extension procedures at reasonable costs, though. We’ll give you a thorough Nail Extension Price In India along with Namoi’s HEADMASTERS.

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Naomi’s HEADMASTERS | A Brief Introduction

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Why is getting Nail Extension in demand?

These days, nail extension is such a common style that all fashionistas will be seen sporting. From social butterflies to businesswomen to superstars, nail extension has become a crucial component of the modern Indian woman’s cosmetic regimen. The need for highly skilled nail technicians and artists has sharply increased along with the popularity of nail extensions. The necessity to become certified in nail extension is increased since nail bars, beauty salons, and cosmetology centers prefer to hire qualified nail technicians and nail extension experts in this day and age when consumer standards are sky-high and there is no room for error.

Types of Nail Extension Prices in India

1. Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails are a very oldest form of nail extension. It is a powder that, when combined with liquid, which is added as a chemical to harden the paste, becomes a gel. After that, the paste assumes the shape of a nail and can be filed into any desired shape. Without the need for UV light or anything else, the paste dries out on its own. We are composed of a paste consisting of a mixture of a polymer powder and monomer liquid. We lasted for around three to four weeks. You can obtain a refill when your nails start to grow again. These nail extensions start at around INR 2099 for the complete set and an additional around INR 1499 for refills.

2. Gel Nails

To create a form, a thick layer is put on your nail or the extension. These nails must be allowed to dry with the aid of LED lights or UV radiation. These cost a lot more than the acrylic ones. These nails start at INR 2999 for the complete set at a nail salon, with an extra INR 1499 for refills. Similar to acrylics, these gel nails come in a variety of colors, but Gel nails are somewhat pricey. You can add marble, french, or any other type of detailing to your nails if you so desire.

3. Express Nails

Express nails are also known as Gel-X or Apres. This method of applying gel under the nail and pressing it onto your nails is the quickest way to achieve nail extensions. After that, these are exposed to UV light to cure them since require adequate repair. UV radiation strengthens them. Though more robust than stick-on nails, it is comparable to them. These don’t stay as long as stick around. These nails are priced in India from around INR 2000 to 2500.

4. Dip Powerd

Dip powers are also known as SNA nails. This nail extension comes in different colors and shades so you don’t need to worry about that. If you are allergic to nail paints or you don’t like the smell of varnish you can go for powder nails. It is suitable for short extensions. It is more advised to create a natural nail overlay rather than nail extensions because it is difficult to develop an apex and correct nail structure. The components of this system are powder, resin, and activator (gel is used by some brands). The best Nail extension price in India for Dio Powerd starts at around INR 1200 to 2000.

5. BIAB ( Builder In A Bottle )

This is also known as biogel, buide gel, sculpting base, or rubber base. Biab is a type of hard gel and it comes in a bottle and has a thinner consistency. In order to ensure proper nail structure and prevent breaking, the nail technician must build up the tip of the nail when creating a long nail. Because it’s so thin, using BIAB for this takes a lot of time. These nails start at approximately INR 1300 to 3000.

6. Fiberglass

Hard Gel is used in conjunction with fiberglass. This gel comes in strings and provides the first form that the gel is applied on. It is used to make thin, long-lasting medium-length nail extensions. Fiber Galss typically have a natural appearance, and pinching a C curve is simple. Although this approach has been around for a while, it is only now beginning to become more and more well-known. It is usually to create square nails. Nails extension prices in India for fiberglass started at around  INR 1500 to 2999.

7. Silk Wrap

Silk resembles fiberglass, or perhaps you are familiar with the “teabag” method of mending a broken nail. It can be applied to add length or strengthen natural nails. After using resin to adhere the silk to the nail, a spray is used to activate it. To offer more support, hard gel is poured on top. In the 1980s, this was a common technique for applying nail extensions. Nevertheless, not many hairdressers provide this treatment these days. Nail extension price in India for Silk Wrap started at around INR 1400 to 2500.

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Frequently asked questions

Question – Which is the best nail studio in Panchkula?

Answer – Naomi’s HEADMASTERS is hands down the best nail studio in Panchkula.

Question – What are the different types of nails?

Answer – There are a few types of nails like Acrylics, Hard Gel, Dip Powder, Acrygel/Polygel, Express Nails/Gel-X, BIAB, fiberglass, and Silk Wrap.

Question – Are nail art services expensive?

Answer – No, nail art services are not at all expensive as per the service. Every nail salon has its own price fixed.