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Kerabond Hair Treatment Price

Kerabond Hair Treatment Price – Kerabond hair treatment is a safe and effective way to improve the appearance and health of your hair. You would be a wonderful choice for you if you are seeking a solution to boost shine, state, and repair damaged and frizzy hair. If you want to know Kerabond Hair Treatment Price then read our blog properly. Kerabond hair treatment is very beneficial.

So, if you’re prepared to take the first steps toward manageable, silky, and sleek hair, continue reading to learn about the Kerabond hair treatment cost in Panchkula. Naomi’s HEADMASTERS is the best professional in Kerbond hair treatment and offers first-rate Kerbond hair treatment. Here are the contact details of our company by calling us at 01724664649 to book an appointment or for any other query write us an email at

Kerabond Hair Treatment Price

Kerbond hair treatment is one of the best hair treatments. The price for Kerbond hair treatments can range from approximately INR 5000 to INR 14,000 or more, depending on the hair length, salon reputation, and product quality. Greater cities like Chandigarh, Panchkula, Amritsar, Mohali, and Ludhiana may have higher prices. Many people in Punjab visit salons like Naomi’s HEADMASTERS for excellent treatments and outcomes.

What is a Kerabond treatment?

Kerabond hair treatment is a salon treatment that semi-straightens 50% of the hair just like your regular rebonding treatment but without the same damaging effect, Kerabond is the latest semi-hair straightening system formulated by scientific experts. Kerabond hair treatment is a salon treatment that straightens hair just like your regular rebonding treatment but without any harmful effects.

Factors Influencing Kerabond Hair Treatment

The cost of hair smoothing can vary greatly depending on several factors, including:

1. Hair Length – Longer hair typically requires more product and time, leading to more major expenses.
2. Salon Location – Prices for salons located in metropolitan areas may be somewhat higher than those in more modest towns or rural areas.
3. Salon Prestige – Famous salons often charge a bit more for our hair services because of our reputation and the quality of the products we use.
4. Hair Type – The surface and condition of your hair can also influence the price. Incredibly wavy or damaged hair may require more diligence and product.
5. Product quality – The quality of products used to smooth hair may change, impacting general spending. The price of premium products may be higher.

Difference between a rebonding session and a Kerabond hair treatment?

Rebonding straightens your hair by breaking its bonds, disrupting the natural state of your hair. Kerabond, on the other hand, works by filling the spaces in the bond with keratin, a type of protein that can be found naturally in our hair, skin, and nails. Adding keratin to your hair softens it, heals damaged areas, and removes frizz. Kerabond also adds weight to the hair, which can make the hair appear straight. In short, Kerabond is a healthier option for your hair than rebonding. Another distinction is the equipment used for the procedure. With rebonding, you will be able to tell by the smell that chemicals are being used. Meanwhile, Kerabond uses a keratin hair product that is more fragrant and contains natural-smelling ingredients.

Naomi’s HEADMASTERS | Best Kerabond Hair Treatment

Naomi’s HEADMASTERS is one of the best Kerabond hair treatment service providers in Panchkula. Naomi’s HEADMASTERS is a primary salon chain that has gained praise for its expertise in hair straightening and other luxurious services. With branches in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana, the salon is a favorite decision for those seeking a hair makeover. Here’s why you should consider Naomi’s HEADMASTERS for your hair smoothing needs:

1. Skilled Professional
Naomi’s HEADMASTERS boasts a gathering of experienced and thoroughly prearranged hairstyles who understand the intricacies of Kerabond hair treatment.

2. Quality Products
Our salon provides the best quality products to ensure the safety and flexibility of hair straightening treatments.

3. Customized Solutions
Individualized solutions are offered by Naomi’s HEADMASTERS, who will tailor treatments to your needs and hair type.

4. Competitive Pricing
Naomis HEADMASTERS offers economical pricing without compromising exceptional quality, making it available to a wide range of customers.

5. Hygiene and Safety
The salon maintains strict sanitation standards and follows safety protocols to deliver a safe and pleasant experience.

Benefits of Kerbond Hair Treatment

Your hair type and the ingredients used during a Kerabond treatment will determine the precise benefits you receive. Generally, you can expect the following benefits from a Kerbond hair treatment:

1. Silky hair
Exposure to sun, hair dye, and other chemical treatments can strip your hair of naturally occurring Kerabond, leaving behind porous areas that are more vulnerable to breakage and other damage. Kerabond hair treatments work to “refill” these areas that have lost Kerabond.

2. Straighter hair
Depending on the products used, a Kerabond hair treatment can straighten hair.

3. Stronger hair
By replenishing lost Kerabond in your hair shaft, Kerabond hair treatments can make hair stronger and less prone to breakage. For some people, this may result in longer hair growth, as the hair is less likely to break off.

Contact Details

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Address – SCO 387 First Floor, Sector 8 Panchkula, Haryana. Pincode – 134109
Phone no. – 0172 4664649
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which is the Best Beauty Parlour For Kerabond Hair Treatment in Panchkula?
Answer. Naomi’s HEADMASTERS is the Best Beauty Parlour For Kerabond Hair Treatment in Panchkula.

Question 2. Is Kerabond good for your hair?
Answer. Kerabond hair treatment is a salon treatment that straightens the hair just like your regular rebonding treatment but without the same damaging effects.

Question 3. Which hair treatment is best?
Answer. Kerabond is one of the best hair treatments.

Question 4. How long will Kerabond’s hair last?
Answer. Kerabond hair treatment is a temporary procedure. The effects last anywhere between 6 months to 10 months. However, it also depends on your hair growth and the care you take for your hair.