Make Up

When it comes to face makeup, finding a good formula that matches your skin tone and stays put no matter what is a non-negotiable. But finding your mainstay option can mean trying countless formulas and wasting tons of money, which sucks. For that reason, we take note when budget-friendly brands introduce new products that are rumored to rival pricier counterparts.
We never fails to impress with pigment-rich formulas and affordable beauty finds, like their best-selling makeup brushes and velvety lip colors, but this new release is all about base color. The Camo Concealer is designed for 16 hour wear, allover use and a matte finish. We love this long-wearing formula’s ability to conceal, correct and contour all in one tiny tube. Though it’s lightweight and goes on like a second skin, the color is so rich you don’t have to cake on layers to cover up the new blemish that greeted you this morning. And unlike many concealers, it dries matte so you don’t have that shiny under-eye that magically (horrendously?) appears during flash photography.